Teeth Whitening

Brightening Your Smile

You can either whiten your teeth in one in-office session or allow us to begin a whitening process that you complete at home.

In-office whitening provides the fastest and most dramatic brightening results because the process requires prescription strength materials which should always be administered by a dental professional.

At Orange Family Dental Group, our first step is a visual exam to assess your candidacy for  in-office whitening. We provide a variety of whitening products, each with its own routine and protocol. We then match you to the most appropriate for your needs.

Cleaning, prior to whitening, is highly recommended because tartar buildup on the teeth surface may act as a barrier and prevent the whitening material from being effective.

Whitening gel may be applied in several 15 to 30 minute applications. Teeth are monitored between applications to see how well they have whitened and whether the process needs to be repeated.

Once the preferred shade is achieved, whitening material is rinsed away and an anti-sensitivity gel is applied.

Dr. Sanaz is a certified Zoom whitening provider
Beautiful pearly smile after one session of teeth whitening.
At home whitening with fabricated custom tray