Orthodontics (Braces or aligners)

Orthodontic treatment is mostly correction of abnormal alignment of the teeth such as:

Overcrowding: A situation in which the jaw is too small for the teeth, causing them to overlap and appear crowded.

Overjet: An overjet refers to the horizontal relationship of the upper and lower front teeth in which the upper front teeth are too flared out.

Overbites (deep bite): When your top teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth.

Underbites: An alignment issue in which the bottom front teeth  extend outward farther than the upper front teeth.

Open Bites: When the top and bottom teeth do not meet either in the front or the back.

Crossbites: The alignment of the teeth are in a way that the upper teeth sit to the inside of the lower teeth

Gaps and spaces between the teeth


Invisalign® is an alternative orthodontic treatment, which is removable and does not require wires and brackets. Once a model of your mouth is created, it will be scanned and a computer assisted program will design and manufactures a series of customized clear aligners to gradually move your teeth to an ideal position and your dentist places tooth-colored tabs (which will be removed at the end of treatment) on your teeth to engage the aligner trays.

Patient is  wearing an invisible clear aligner.
Before and after treatment with Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles®

This system is designed for adults (16+) with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth. We use discreet clear braces and tooth-colored wires that are barely noticeable. The average time is only about 6-9 months.

At OFDG we are certified Six Month Smiles®, Invisalign®, and Clear Correct®providers.