Mouthguards protect patient’s teeth from not only grinding damage such as: tooth fractures and excessive tooth wear, it also can prevent future jaw joint(TMJ) problems and even chronic headaches. 

Custom-fitted mouthguards are prescribed by a dentist and custom made by a professional dental lab technician.

Athletic and night guard’s fabrication requires two visits. 

On your first visit, impressions of your teeth and surrounding tissue with your bite registration will be taken and will be sent to a dental lab. The mouth guard is then molded over the model with special materials. Once the case returns from the laboratory it will be tried in the patient’s mouth and the dentist makes even more adjustments if necessary. 

Due to accurate and precise record taking and use of the special materials, this custom-made mouth guard provides the most comfort and protection.

Damage to the teeth caused by teeth  grinding. A simple use of a night guard could have prevented this!
Use of night guard not only protects the teeth it also protects the jaw joints (TMJ).