Halitosis also known as bad breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, often prompts people to visit a dentist.

If the underlying cause originates from the mouth, we can treat it with confidence.  

Bad breath could be a result of gum disease, poor oral hygiene, acid reflux, defective tooth restoration that allows for the accumulation of food particles, infection, nasal drip, smoking, underlying medical conditions, and dry mouth to name a few.

Chronic bad breath can lead to mental health issues such as depression, and isolation due to anxiety in social situations.

Along with treatment of chronic bad breath for acute conditions we recommend use of OraCare. OFDG is an OraCare provider. OraCare is a specially formulated mouth rinse that is only available at dental offices.

OraCare Health Rinse

  • Non burning
  • Longer lasting prevention of bad breath 
  • Reduces plaque and promotes oral wellness
  • Doesn’t stain the teeth
  • Reduces dry mouth