Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Sometimes trauma, tooth fracture, extensive cavities, or advanced gum disease can compromise the tooth’s pulp. Each of our teeth has one or more root canals that hold pulp. Pulp is composed  of nerves and blood vessels. 

Root canal therapy cleans out the damaged pulp by removing infected, dead, or dying nerves. Once diseased pulp is removed, root canals are disinfected and sealed to prevent further bacterial invasion. Root canal therapy can also solve the problem of tooth hypersensitivity by removing nerves when pain compromises a patient’s quality of life.

Once root canal therapy is done, the inner side of the tooth and the missing tooth structure will  need reconstruction, this process is called core build up. In most cases, the remaining tooth is protected from potential fracture with the placement of an attractive crown.